Gordon Gates & Sons, Part 3

Local History“After the Benenonton job I went down to Westminester to work on a Music Auditorium at the Kurn Hatten Home. That was an all sumer job. Loneys next job was a bank in Bratelbero and that was going to be a long drive all winter so I got thrue.

I think I was unemployed about ½ a day, then I went up + worked for Larey Warden who was building a house for an Archital teacher from Yale Collage. That was just ½ mile from home.

Just before I went to work for Loney Construction we moved from Londonderry to Simonsville. I bought the Parmelly Guest Farm formaly nown as the Plat Marsh place. One of the early places to be settled in Andover. We’d sold other place in Londonderry.

I told Patty about the Parmely place + just wasent interested at all. She wasent even going to look at it with the kids + me. Finely we got her ride down with us but she said she wasent going in. So the kids and I went in and gave it a going over. The kids were all taken up with the place. Sylvia finelly went out and got her mother. She said she’d look but she wasent going to change her mind.

Every thing in the house was painted white. Sylvia and her mother started going from room to room and Sylvia started telling mom how they could change things + do some decorating + she got her mom interested. Before we left Patty said I think I would like to live here, but how could we ever bye it? I told her I’d also talked to Mr. C. Merett and found out it could be bought for just what we got for our other place.

We had quite a waite before we got into it. They had to settle two estates befor we could get a deed to it. We had to live one sumer in the house below Rowells Inn. We had all of our stuff stored in a barn at the Marie Hill Farm so we actually had to move twice.

We got in our new place in the early fall and we all went right to work changing it over. Papering, painting sanding floors and redecorating + the works. It had a lot of rooms + 4 or 5 bathrooms so all the kids could have there own room. It also had two fire places. There also were two guest hoses + two cotages that went with it, a big old barn two monster hen houses and a tombled down green house. Also 100 acres of land.

We lived in it about 3 years and then Sylvia got married and then Chs. I gave Syl + Bob one of the cottages and fixed it up. When Chs. + Cindy maried they lived in a cottage for a while then moved into a mobiel home down tords Chester.

Pattys farther had past away some years before. Her mother was living in Chester and working out house keeping and it got to much for her, so we had her come up and live with us.

NOTE “If every one was as luckey enough to have a mother in law as good as mine, there wouldent be any mother in law jokes going around. She was a wonderful person.”

The taxes on the place were some high so finely I fixed up the guest house + we lived in it winters + rented the big house to 3 famileys of skiers in the winter. That worked out well + it more than took care of the tax problem. We lived there untill my mother in law passed away and kids were all gone.

One day when I got home from work I holored for Patty, and no ansure. I looked around some but she wasent there. I figured her sister had come up + theyd gone somewhere. About + hour later I was out in the back room + hurd a noise up in one of the back bedroom; that we never used. I finely went up to check + Patty was up there cleaning. I told her Id been looking for an hour. I said I think when you’v got a house so big it takes you an hour to find your wife when you get home from work, the house is just to big.”……… To be continued.

Don’t forget the Antiques Roundtable Sunday, Feb. 19 at 2 p.m., upstairs at Chester Town Hall. We have tables and exhibitor space available. Just show up and bring anything you want.

This week’s old saying is from Mark Twain. “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.”

Local History
Gordon & Patty in 1939-1940. Photo provided by Ron Patch.

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