North Walpole Village Volunteers seek participants in park clean up

NORTH WALPOLE, N.H. – The North Walpole Village Volunteers have announced their latest project is the beautification of the North Walpole Village Park. They are holding a general clean up, mulching, and planting of flowers at the park area at the foot of School Hill in North Walpole Saturday May 20 from 8:00 a.m. until noon. Refreshments will be provided. It should be a great opportunity for community members to enjoy themselves with friends and neighbors. Volunteers of all ages are welcome.

Three members of the North Walpole Village Volunteers; Don Provencher, Gary McCormick, and Bob Breslend at the park last spring. Photo provided

Last spring an unofficial group of local residents formed themselves into The North Walpole Village Volunteers and took on the park as a project. A rail line that was abandoned in the 1970s left an empty space after the tracks were removed. Kaelan Hansson took the area on as his Eagle Scout Project, but after that the area remained basically neglected till the Volunteers came forward landscaping and cleaning up last year. LaValley’s donated a picnic table, and the park has been a nice place for community use.

The North Walpole village Volunteers will gratefully receive any thoughts that you care to share with them concerning the future use and development of the park as well.  If you have any questions or concerns please call Bill Gallager at 603-445-5238.

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