Helping Hands Day at VINE Sanctuary

VINESPRINGFIELD, Vt. – VINE Sanctuary invites the public to attend the upcoming Volunteer Day on Saturday, Sept. 9, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 201 Massey Road in Springfield. This volunteer day will focus on preparing for autumn. Many hands make light work. Volunteers can mingle with sanctuary residents as they help VINE prepare pastures, barns, coops, and yards for the cooler days of autumn. Your labors will be rewarded by a sanctuary tour and vegan snacks with sanctuary staff.

This event is free and open to the public, but please RSVP by responding at or email at least one day in advance, so that enough snacks are available for all to enjoy!


What to know

Meet the residents. Photo provided.

Please arrive on time, bring a water bottle and wear clothing and shoes suitable for outdoor chores.

If you have non-leather work gloves or gardening gloves, bring them. If you happen to have a shovel or a rake, bring that too, in case we don’t have enough for everybody.

Sanctuary staff volunteer their time to make or buy snacks for these events. If you can pitch in by bringing something vegan to share, that’s always deeply appreciated!

If you cannot come on time but still would like to attend, just give us a heads up and an ETA, so that we can plan to have someone meet and orient you when you arrive.


Work day. Photo provided.

From shifting compost piles to picking up sticks from back pasture pathways, we have a long list of coop, pasture, barn, and foraging yard projects that we cannot possibly get done without help. Which things we will do on that day will depend on the weather and on the number of people who come to help.

Sanctuary residents will be out and about, supervising the volunteers. You’ll really get to know the animals who hang out in the area where you are working, and then you’ll get a chance to meet others during the sanctuary tour. You can even meet the “hardy herd” in the furthest back pasture, if you’re up for the “after-party” hike one staff member will lead after the snacks.

Tell us in advance if you want to bring child younger than 13, and we will be sure to have something appropriate for a child of that age to do.


About VINE Sanctuary

VINE Sanctuary is a non-profit farmed animal refuge based in Springfield, Vt. More than 600 animals, including birds and cows seized by authorities in cases of extreme cruelty or neglect, live at the 100+ acre sanctuary, half of which is maintained as a wildlife refuge. VINE organizes five volunteer days a year as part of its local outreach programming, with participants coming from as far north as Montreal and as far south as Northampton, Mass.

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