A volunteer day for the birds at VINE Sanctuary

SpringfieldSPRINGFIELD, Vt. – VINE Sanctuary invites the public to participate in Volunteer Day focused on maintenance chores for birds on Saturday, August 5, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 201 Massey Road in Springfield. The day is an opportunity to visit with sanctuary residents by helping out. Your labors will be rewarded with a sanctuary tour and vegan snacks with sanctuary staff.

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VINE will also celebrate the life of Truffles the pig on this day. Although Truffles was a pig, her best friends were birds. To honor her love of birds, this day will focus on maintenance chores for her feathered friends.

This event is free and open to the public, but please RSVP by responding at www.facebook.com/VINEsanctuary/ or by email, ayeshah@bravebirds.org by Friday at the latest, so that enough snacks are available for all to enjoy! Please arrive on time, bring a water bottle and wear clothing and shoes or boots (no flip-flops!) suitable for outdoor chores. If you have non-leather work gloves or gardening gloves, bring those too. If you have a shovel or a rake, bring that too, in case we don’t have enough for everybody.

Feathered friends. Photo provided.

You can help with snacks by bringing something vegan to share. Sanctuary staff volunteer their time to make or buy snacks for these events.

Please try to come at or very near 11 a.m., as it is very difficult for our staff to get teams of volunteers set up with projects when people arrive at different and unpredictable times. If you know that you cannot come on time but still would like to attend the event, just give us a heads up and an ETA, so that we can plan accordingly.

Also, tell us in advance if you want to bring child younger than 13, and we will be sure to have something appropriate for a child of that age to do.

VINE Sanctuary is a non-profit, farm animal refuge based in Springfield, Vermont. More than 600 animals, including birds and cows seized by authorities in cases of extreme cruelty or neglect, live at the 100+ acre sanctuary, half of which is maintained as a wildlife refuge. VINE organizes five volunteer days a year as part of its local outreach programming, with participants coming from as far north as Montreal and as far south as North Hampton, Massachusetts.

To learn more visit www.vinesanctuary.org, or e-mail sanctuary@bravebirds.org.


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