Vermont bear hunting starts in September

bear hunting

REGION – The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department says bear hunting season starts in September and there are new bear hunting regulations in effect this year.   Vermont has two bear hunting seasons. The early season, which requires a special … Continued

Deadline for antlerless deer applications is Aug. 29

antlerless deer

REGION – The deadline to apply for an antlerless deer permit to be used during Vermont’s Dec. 1-9 muzzleloader deer season is Thursday, Aug. 29. Antlerless deer hunting permit applications are on and printed applications are available from license … Continued

Two workshops with the Mushroom Forager


GRAFTON, Vt. – Within the forest, along streambeds and vernal pools, at the base of birch trees and tucked among the leaf detritus on the forest floor, are hidden the mushrooms: golden chanterelles, bicolor boletes, porcini, black trumpets, chicken of … Continued

Black River BioBlitz nets nature lovers


SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – From mushrooms to mussels, wood turtles to warblers, bass to bugs, and milfoil to maple trees, visitors to the first Black River BioBlitz were treated to a little bit of everything. Adventuring from Muckross State Park to … Continued

Vermont moose hunting permits for veterans are drawn

REGION – The five winners of Vermont 2018 moose hunting permits for resident military veterans were determined in a randomized computer lottery drawing Aug. 1 at the Fish & Wildlife office in Montpelier. The five permit winners were among 100 … Continued

Free hunting seminars starting Aug. 22

hunting seminars

REGION – The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department will be hosting seven free hunting seminars that will be helpful for hunters who have some experience as well as for beginners. The seminars will be taught by Vermont Fish & Wildlife … Continued

Vermont turkey brood survey starts Aug. 1


REGION – Wild turkeys are found throughout most of Vermont, but their reproductive success is monitored annually by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department with help from “citizen scientists” who report the number and size of turkey families they see … Continued

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