Townshend’s Scott Bridge renovation celebrated

covered bridge
Scott Bridge ribbon cutting, July 23, 2017. L to R: Laura Trieschmann, VT Division of Historic Preservation; Park Chamberlin (scissors in hand), grandson of bridge builder; Harrison Chamberlin; Robert Dugrenier, president of Townshend Historical Society. (Members of the Chamberlin family stand in the background). Photo by Bob Watts, National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges.
covered bridge
Stock photo.

TOWNSHEND, Vt. – A lively time was had at the potluck and dance on the 145-year-old Scott Bridge in celebration of its recent renovation. Although the bridge escaped damage from Hurricane Irene, rainwater and carpenter ants over the years had significantly weakened the structure to the point that it was closed even to pedestrian traffic. During the $2.35 million renovation by Renaud Brothers, much of the original wood had to be replaced and only a small percentage of the original bridge remains.

covered bridge
Scott Bridge is the longest covered bridge entirely in Vermont. Stock photo.





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