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WESMINSTER, Vt. – The Westminster Fire and Rescue Association met for their regular meeting on January 3 with President Greg Holton presiding. Harrison Rouleau was welcomed as a new member under the 6-month probation guidelines. Thank you to Richard and Melanie and the kitchen staff at Kurn Hattin, Sally Rhea, Joan Holton, Judy Harrison and Annie Walker for providing food to feed everyone three meals during a multi truck accident on January 20.
A great way to help the people who help the community is preparing food for the fire fighters when they are out for an extended period of time, having something to eat and drink when they return is a huge compliment. Also when there are special events requiring a large number of people to be fed, having volunteers to help prepare food is helpful. If you are available and are willing to be on a call list for these occasions call Chief Cole Streeter or June Streeter let them know.

Because of the usually high number of chimney fires this winter, we thought it would make sense to mention some prevention techniques. Take down your stove once a month or so to clean out the buildup of soot. While the pipe is down and during daylight hours, take a mirror that can fit into the hole where the pipe goes and look up into the flue. It should be wide open and clear of any buildup. If not, get it professionally cleaned or do it yourself if you have the equipment and the expertise. Many fires where houses are lost or severely damaged by a fire start out as chimney fires and work their way into the partitions. The fire department is always available for information and inspections.

Please remove any ice or snow from your roofs. The weight of the snow and ice could cause your roof to collapse and when it slides off the roof it could do damage or hurt someone, including a pet.

If we ever get an appreciable amount of snow, check vents from heating appliances to be sure they are free from ice and snow; a plugged vent can cause a fire.

Some of the volunteers of the Westminster Fire Department helped flood the area for the ice skating rink on the East Side of the Westminster Central School; it is now open to the public.
Donations in January were from Frank & Mary Mitchell, Bruce MacDuffie, Westminster Cares, Bellows Falls Rotary, Best Septic, in memory of Ernie Norman from Bob and Sue Lober, in memory of Joan Sumner from Bob and Sue Lober.

Anyone interested in volunteering their time to help the community in a time of need, please contact Chief Cole Streeter at 722-3178 or stop by the Firehouse any Sunday morning and pick up an application. We would like to have additional volunteers from the Westminster West area. There is a Fire House, an engine and a rescue vehicle located in Westminster West and more help is always welcome to utilize that equipment during calls.

As always, we would like to thank the members of the community for its continued support of the fire department. Check us out on our web-site





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