Mount Holly resident aims to enter Miss Vermont USA competition


Miss VT
Kathleen Thompson. Photo provided.

My name is Kathleen Thompson. I am in the process of fundraising to compete for the title of Miss Vermont USA.

I am a Black River H.S. alumna and recent graduate of Castleton University. I received my Masters in Accounting this past May. I also was recently selected to be the Black River Varsity Girls soccer coach for the upcoming season. In college I also played rugby and was the coach and captain of the Castleton Women’s Club Team for two years and was the assistant coach to the Varsity Women’s Rugby Team once we achieved a Varsity status.

I am also a sergeant in the Vermont Army National Guard and have been serving now for the past four years.

As a candidate for Miss Vermont USA, I choose to compete to challenge the “pageant girl” stereotype and to empower other young women to pursue their goals, to live healthy life styles, to have body positivity and self-love, regardless of their size or weight. I stand against bullying, body shaming, and against society’s unrealistic standards of what it means to be beautiful. If I had believed them, standing at 5’4” and 155 pounds, I would never have started competing. But I know that my dress size and the number on the scale in no way reflect my achievements as a student, a coach, an athlete, a musician and a soldier of the United States military.

Miss VT
Sgt. Kathleen Thompson.

I am trying to rally some community support for my cause. Any individual can sponsor me, or any business! Sponsorship would include a donation of any amount that would go directly to my registration fees and finding the perfect dress!

If anyone would like to contact me directly for more info, my email is and my phone number is 802-855-3341.


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