Margaret van den Bergh joins Grace Cottage Rehab

Margaret van den Bergh. Photo provided.

TOWNSHEND, Vt. – Physical therapist Margaret van den Bergh has joined the staff of the Grace Cottage Rehabilitation Department.

A practicing physical therapist for over 40 years, van den Bergh brings a wealth of professional experience to the department. After earning her B.S. in Physical Therapy from the University of Vermont, she worked for Tidewater Rehab (Norfolk, Va.); for UVM’s child development clinic; and for Presbyterian University Hospital (Pittsburg, Pa.), working with inpatient and outpatient issues ranging from orthopedic surgeries, to spinal cord injuries and organ transplants. She was also director of Springfield Hospital’s Rehabilitation Department before opening her own private practice with a partner.

Van den Bergh approaches her work with a focus on careful listening and on helping people feel better emotionally as well as physically. “Physical therapy is always searching for new ways to help people heal. I feel it is also important to help people laugh, no matter how grave the injury or illness.”

She has quickly integrated well into the Grace Cottage team. “Margaret has been a wonderful addition to our therapy team; she brings a depth of knowledge and skills, and a great sense of humor!” says Rehab Director Crystal Mansfield.

“Working at Grace Cottage has been a pleasure for me,” van den Bergh says. “Even though Grace Cottage is small in size, its employees are mighty. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with some great therapists, and I continue to do so now with the amazing team here at Grace Cottage.”

For more information, call the Grace Cottage Rehab Dept. at 802-365-3637.

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