Village Roots Permaculture will be hosting a course


Village Roots Permaculture will be be hosting a five month course. Photo provided

ALSTEAD, N.H.- Are you wondering how to create positive change and build resilience into your own life, on your own land or within your own community? A Permaculture Design Course (PDC) can help you do just that, by helping you to tap into the design principles that make nature bountiful and regenerative.

Village Roots Permaculture will be hosting a PDC at the Orchard Hill Community in Alstead, NH starting in March of 2017. The course will meet one weekend a month, for five months and will cover 90 hours of coursework, focusing on the ecological design of home, homestead, farm and community. Topics will include forest gardening, water management strategies, natural building, animal foraging, mapping, mushroom cultivation, and much more.

This course is also accessible to self-motivated teens who are concerned about the health of our planet and who wish to take steps towards designing new possibilities for a resilient future. Many colleges recognize the value of a Permaculture Design Certificate and realize that permaculture is rooted in ecology and is devoted to research based real-world solutions.

Students who successfully complete this coursework will receive an internationally recognized certificate of permaculture design. For more details, go to


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