Join the community effort for alternative energy

Mt. HOLLY, Vt. – Please join the Mount Holly, Vermont Alternative Energy Education Associates for 2017. The Mount Holly Alternative Energy Education Committee will continue supporting and promoting net zero homes through alternative energy education.

  Our objectives are:

·      Providing the essential Information needed to make prudent decisions about our lifestyles and their effect on our living costs including Earth.

·      Working collectively within our communities to promote the effective use of alternative energy sources while learning what the true costs are for the use of these sources.

·      Participating in local workshops that will address current market conditions affecting alternative energy sources and usage. Workshops will be restarting shortly.

·      Realizing the benefits of a home with a net zero energy cost!

To get started please contact AEE Associates at 802 228-1179 and join our community effort. There is no cost or obligation to you, and you will be helping Mt. Holly and other communities meet their alternative energy commitment which will be a future mandated amount.

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