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Dave Bonta the owner of USA Solar Store.
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PROCTORSVILLE, Vt. – How many solar panels does it take to heat your home? How much does it cost? What is involved in a “Do it Yourself” solar installation? These are questions I have been asked for the past 16 years.

Dave Bonta, our local solar guy can tell you. He’s been around this area helping hundreds of folks install solar on their roofs or ground mounted where roof installation was not feasible.

“If you are not using solar, for some of your household energy, you are losing a lot of money,” quotes Dave; “It’s like having the winning lottery ticket and never finding out what the winning numbers are.”

Between the lower prices, incentives, both Federal and State, financing and the positive impact of conservation & efficiency, “It’s a no-brainer!”

Solar PV is so affordable now, especially if you want to install it yourself, you can do it for under $2.00 a watt! That translates to a final cost of about $2,650.00 after tax credits for an average energy efficient home.

  “Look at your electric bill total for the past five years. How much has that cost you?”

People forget that they are currently renting their power- forever. There is a price for “doing nothing, and that price will most likely continue to go up.” Once your solar is in, it covers its cost, and goes on to make you “Cash Positive” for 20 years or more with proper maintenance of your equipment.  What’s not too like?  “This is absolutely a no brainer!  Solar is here. Solar is now. Let us show you how to do this!”

Meet Dave at the Solar DIY workshop on Saturday, March 18 in Proctorsville. It’s a two-hour course on the basics of solar installation. The workshop is free and there will be coffee & quiche provided by the Southern Pie Company. Reservations are limited to 12 people. Call and reserve a spot today! Call 802-226-7194

Dave Bonta is owner/President of USA Solar Store and is the author of “New Solar Home” and “New Green Home Solutions” published by Gibbs Smith. To learn more visit USA Solar Store or email

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