Tyson Village Store has new owners

TYSON, Vt. – New owners, Tina and Jeff Rebideau (known locally as Spanky) recently purchased the Tyson General Store located on 1786 Route 100 North.

Previous owner Tom Village purchased the store and snack shack 10 years ago and had put the business up for auction a this year. Surprised that the store wasn’t receiving any purchase offers, Spanky off handedly mentioned to Village that Tina had always wanted to run a store.

Spanky and Tina Rebideau are the new owners of the Tyson General Store. Photo by Brandy Todt

A week later, Village called Spanky and Tina asking if they would be interested in purchasing the store. After taking some time to think it over, the couple decided to purchase the business. When asked why they decided to purchase, Spanky explained that as a child he used to live in the upstairs apartment with his mom. His mom worked for the current owner at the time, Reggie Snow, and Spanky would help out in the store.

He laughs at the learning curve his is having with the credit card machine. “I had put the card into the machine and was trying to figure out how to work it when the customer suggested I turn the card around. Tina is the one that uses cards and I had no idea what I was doing.”

Running the store the last couple of weeks has been “nightmarish” but Tina and Spanky are enthusiastic and hard working. The week following the purchase they closed the store down and with the help of family and friends, did a deep clean as well as a few cosmetics adjustments. Walls were painted white, new lightening installed, flooring replaced and beautiful wooden floors were revealed.

As new owners their goal is to provide items that locals and tourists would need in a pinch but at a fair price. The store sells fishing and hunting licenses and is a big game reporting station. Tina pointed to a corkboard with the turkey totals saying, “People really do stop and read that.” Spanky has also been expanding the lure wall.

They will be improving the deli options, which is now visible after the store was rearranged, with breakfast sandwiches, salads and hot dishes in the colder months. Plymouth cheese and locally provided maple syrup, homemade baked goods and Tyson store memorabilia will also be available.

A table by the window invites folks to relax while enjoying a cup of coffee and sandwich; picnic tables will be available in the lot nearby for the warmer months.

Nestled perfectly near five lakes, the store has kayak and paddleboard rentals, and if Spanky can convince his dad and find a used truck, delivery to or from any of the lakes or cottages will continue.

The snack shack will remain closed for now as they have plenty to do inside the store. Spanky will continue his plumbing business and “fishing” he adds with a warm grin.

The Tyson store is a true oasis in between Killington and Ludlow. Like the Tyson Village Store on Facebook @tysonstore.

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