The safe adventure, part 3

Doris and Herb Eddy with the safe they have reason to believe was their’s in the Jameson Store. Photo by Brandy Todt

CHESTER, Vt. – Doris and Herb Eddy met with Ron Patch and The Vermont Journal outside the Chester Historical Society on Friday, Aug. 25. They had information that could solve the mystery of the safe found in the William’s River. The Eddys were owners of the Jameson Store, now Lisai’s Market. On Sunday, Feb. 28, 1982, Herb Eddy went to the store between 4:30 – 5 p.m. to get a gallon of milk when he noticed from a distance the door was ajar. He approached the door cautiously and snuck in, unsure if the intruders were still in the building or not. Near the door were cartons of cigarettes; only certain brands had been stolen. He went in the office; the Mosler safe was missing!

“I ran like heck to get out of there,” recalled Mr. Eddy, “and went to tell Doris the safe was gone.”

The Chester Police were notified and the state police then became involved but the safe and the thieves were never found. After seeing the articles about the safe’s discovery, extraction and opening, the Eddys contacted Patch saying they had reasonable belief the safe was the one that was in the Jameson Store. “I would love to think this is the safe,” said Mr. Eddy as he examined the safe.

Patch inquired as to the contents. The Eddys chuckled, “Nothing really. Food stamps, records, $100 to start the cash drawer and a bag or two of Cheetos.”

The drab olive safe would have been rolled out of the office and onto the truck waiting near the loading dock. This robbery didn’t take place under the cover of darkness but in daylight and after the store was closed at 2 p.m. whoever stole the safe was brazen to execute the theft during the day.

If anyone has more information on the Jameson Store safe robbery please contact Ron Patch at or call at 802-374-0119. The safe adventure part 1 and 2 can be found online at

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