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storm water
Dr. Kravcik hydrologist to speak at Orchard Hill in Alstead March 11.
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ALSTEAD, N.H.- Environmental writer and water activist Jan Lambert of Charlestown, N.H. welcomes everyone to two local programs, to hear hydrologist and coauthor Dr. Michal Kravcik speak on the critical importance of replenishing our local water cycles for landscape and climate benefits. Lambert and Kravcik together will introduce their latest work, the “US Action Plan for the Recovery of Natural Water Cycles and Climate.”

Much valuable rainwater runs off directly into rivers from roads, roofs and bare soil, eroding the earth and polluting streams, and is wasted. It should be replenishing the earth and atmosphere with life-giving moisture. Wetlands are drained and flood damage escalates. Rainwater runs off paved surfaces, pulling oil and road salt with it, and creating a nuisance instead of returning water to the earth as a valuable resource.

Rather than just lamenting over it, Kravcik and Lambert call for action. They seek to flip from a “stormwater be gone” attitude to greater capturing of rainwater to replenish ecosystems.

Kravcik shares ways individuals can begin to create water absorbing friendly landscapes, based on his extensive experience in his native Slovakia and bringing an international perspective to America. In lieu of a large-scale dam destined to drown five villages in Slovakia, landscape scale work on retaining water at the local level, directed by Kravcik helped to renew water supplies by bringing back springs, streams, groundwater, and local showers. This has served as a wonderful example of the power of people to restore water to the earth.

The first program is at Orchard Hill School, Old Settlers Rd. in east Alstead on March 11 at 7p.m., with optional potluck and music by the Solar Sisters beginning at 5:30 p.m. A second session, sponsored by the Sullivan County Conservation District, will be at the Student Conservation Association, located on River Road in North Charlestown on March 22 at 7 p.m. Admission to both programs is by suggested donation.

The programs are presented by the Voices of Water Campaign Kickoff Tour, a project of Biodiversity for a Livable Climate. learn more about this project.

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