Jill Rushford is battling for her life!

CHESTER, Vt. – Jill, Kim Rushford’s wife, has been in the ICU department of Dartmouth –Hitchcock Medical Center since June 15 battling three deadly diseases. She is fighting diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious complication of diabetes where the body produces high level of blood acids; normally this is triggered by infection or other illness. She is also fighting necrotizing fasciitis, a rare flesh eating disease caused by a bacterial infection. Lastly she is fighting sepsis, a life-threatening condition that arises from the body responding to infection but causes injury to its tissues and organs. 

The hospital has removed a leg, hip and the surrounding tissue. A couple of days ago Dartmouth found a blood clot in a lung and put her on blood thinners but that caused the hip to bleed. She keeps battling on, even with every two days having to go back into the OR to have her hip cleaned and repacked.

She has made small progress as she is now off the breathing and kidney machine, but she is still in critical condition. Anyone wanting to visit her in ICU, she is in Room 13.

Jill, 63, has worked at the Vermont National Bank, Jiffy Mart and other businesses in the community over the years. Kim, owner of Kim’s Car Care, is reaching out to the community for financial help. She has Medicare but that will only pay 80 percent. Kim is estimating $300,000 bill for her care. There will be a Battle of the Bands fundraiser in late July or early August. Any bands willing to play for free during this fundraiser please contact Kim. He has also opened an account for Jill at the River Valley Credit Union in Springfield for anyone wanting to give a direct donation. Kim would like to thank everyone that has donated generously thus far.

Please call Kim at 875-4971 or 376-5705 for updates or how you can help him and Jill.

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