Firefighter Olympics

PROCTORSVILLE, Vt. – The Firefighter Olympics held at the Proctorsville green was successful in raising $285 for the Cavendish and Proctorsville Volunteer Fire Departments. The event was organized by Denise Gebroe of DG Bodyworks. Working side by side from both departments there were fifteen fire fighters competing and showing locals what it takes to rescue a person and fight a fire.

Vermont Packinghouse donated 100lbs of sausage and Cota & Cota donated a grill. There was free ice cream, which was perfect on a hot, sticky day.

Gebroe commented, “We had a great turnout. It was an amazing time and a way to get kids involved in fitness. I am looking forward to next year!”

The event was filmed by SAPATV. Next year Gebroe is hoping other fire departments in the area will be willing to compete to make this event larger.

fire departments
Local fire departments work together to show what it takes to save a life and fight a fire. Photo by Aleks Davis
fire department
Cavendish and Proctorsville volunteer fire department. Photos by Aleks Davis

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