Black River students to experience Iceland

Black River High School
Volcano in Iceland. Stock photo.

LUDLOW, Vt. – Heather Miele will be leading a group of Black River High School students on a WorldStrides program to Reykjavik, Iceland, in the early summer of 2018. On this adventure, students will explore the power and beauty of nature, have an incomparable first-hand learning experience, and gain a new appreciation of and personal connection to scientific discovery and exploration.

This unforgettable trip will include hiking among Iceland’s famous volcanoes and waterfalls, swimming in the Blue Lagoon – a mineral-rich spring in the center of a black lava field – standing at the base of massive glaciers, seeing powerful geysers burst from the ground, and discovering Icelandic life and culture while exploring the city, its museums, and nearby villages.

Black River High School
The aurora borealis. Stock photo.

The students will be led by a guide from WorldStrides, an organization dedicated to enriching scientific experiences for students and their teachers. For more than 50 years, WorldStrides has opened students’ minds to the world around them and broadened their perspectives to fit the global citizens they’ll become. This adventure will give the students the opportunity to engage with subjects and materials they’ve only read about in class, ultimately building their confidence, creating and deepening new friendships, and encouraging even higher dreams and aspirations.

Students can also earn high school and/or college credit for their participation, giving them the advantage in personal experience and on paper. Upon returning from their trip, students are encouraged to complete enriching coursework that will enhance their understanding and prepare them for greater successes in their continued education.


Black River High School
Icelandic pony. Stock photo.

This weeklong experience costs about $3,000 for students, and although the students and their families are working hard, they could always benefit from the support of the community. The Black River students did a car wash on July 1 and have planned a bottle drive at Brewfest Beverage Co., where people can donate money from returnable bottles to their trip. The Ludlow Rotary has decided to donate the proceeds of their annual Duck Race, and the students have planned a benefit at Applebee’s in Rutland in the fall. Students also have links to post on social media, allowing friends and families to donate directly to their account.

In Heather Miele’s words, “Where else will students get to experience such a variety of geological events in one trip? This is an ‘experiential opportunity’; the amount that students will learn through the experience is immeasurable! Whether that be their first time on a plane, out of the country, touching a glacier, or seeing a volcano.” This is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the students are hoping for the support of their community, and looking forward to making unforgettable memories.

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