Stop bashing the party

Dear editor,

I do not agree with everything Trump does nor do I consider a majority of his “Tweets” presidential.

However, unlike most politicians, he has attempted or has done most everything he said he would do while campaigning.

His ties with Russia are unproven but the one who ran against him has a long list of suspicious activities and I’m quite confused as to why she is not in prison for her corruption and treason!

The United States of the previous eight years was for the most part politically dictated by Democrats. They had many opportunities to improve or fix Obama Care (ACA) but did nothing. Leahy and Welch are full of “great ideas” now that the Republicans are actually trying to do something to fix it. Sanders has ideas but the U.S. is not a Socialist Democracy. Where were they prior to the Trump presidency? Vermont’s Health Connect with its unaffordable monthly premiums and outrageous co-pays were also created by Vermont’s Democrats costing Vermonters hundreds of millions of dollars. If you can’t afford health care you are fined?

My point is please stop bashing political parties for the flaws of certain persons. Not all Democrats are alike and not all Republicans are alike. Everyone is an individual. There are good and bad in both parties.

From a Republican who cares about people, who believes in a fiscally responsible, accountable government and loves and lives by our Constitutional Republic.

Randy Gray

N. Springfield, Vt.

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