Is joining a CSA worth the cost?

Dear Editor,

Hearing folks talk about getting boxes of fresh local produce all summer inspired me to join a CSA, (community supported agriculture). This one was a little different, since we chose what we wanted in our “boxes” weekly instead of being given a box of produce.

What I didn’t know – or maybe I didn’t read the fine print – was that the prepaid unused funds would be absorbed by the CSA and not returned or even credited to the next season’s CSA. The old saying “Caveat emptor,” or buyer beware is never truer. Out of the $350 prepay, I didn’t spend $91.50. It was non-refundable.

I can only think about that mighty expensive head of lettuce I used in the last salad. I’ll shop back at Market Basket and support California farmers.

Thank you,

Joyce Sabo

Weathersfield, Vt.

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