Disillusioned with local police

Dear Editor,

I am and have been a supporter of the police and the job they do to Protect and Serve; however, I am a bit disillusioned now.

Let me explain. On Monday 9/18 I was walking along Route 103 , toward Fox Run, with my walking friend, as we do most days, and noticed two needles and parts of a third lying just off the road surface.

On Tuesday 9/19 they were still there, so I drove to the police station and reported what I had seen. The person at the window wrote down what I described , asked some questions of me and I left, believing I had done the correct thing.

Today, Saturday 9/23, yes, they are still there. I suppose “See Something Say Something” does not apply in Ludlow.

Sorry, but as I stated, I am disillusioned now.

Thanks in advance,

Ray Ligus


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