Democratic Committee warning notice taken

Dear Editor,

Vermont statute requires that every two years Vermont political parties hold a reorganization caucus. Warnings must be posted 10 days in advance of the caucus, and one of these warnings must be in the Town Hall.  As the chair of the Springfield Town Democratic Committee, I dutifully posted the warning for the Springfield Democratic Committee at the Town Hall on Tuesday, Sept. 5. I checked with Barbara Courchesne, the Town Clerk, to see where I could post it. We placed it directly beneath the Republican Committee’s warning of their caucus.

Thursday morning Ms. Courchesne emailed and left a phone message for me to inform me that the warning sign had been removed. I replaced it, thinking how petty someone must be to do such a thing. The following Monday, Sept. 11, I received another phone call from Ms. Courchesne to tell me that the warning had been taken down again. I replaced it again. Today, Thursday, Sept. 14, I got yet another call from Ms. Courchesne to tell me that yes, someone had once again taken down the Democratic Town Committee’s caucus warning. It was up when she left work in the evening, and it was down when she returned to work this morning. Three times…whoever did this is a small, small, small person.

This is so inappropriate on many different levels. First of all this person(s) removed a legal warning from a town office. That violates the sanctity of the town office. Secondly, given the fact that it was the Democratic legal warning and not the Republican warning, it implies that the action is specifically aimed at the Democrats. Since when do folks in Springfield act in this manner? We don’t have to agree on politics, but we certainly have to agree that the political parties in town have a right to exist.

Last of all, this action is divisive. We do not need to bring the rancor of national politics to Springfield, to Vermont. I don’t want my town to be like that.


Char Osterlund

Chair, Springfield Town Democratic Committee


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