Dear Editor, Visit Black River High School to make an informed decision


I moved to Mount Holly, Vermont in December 2000 because there was a nice house with a great yard on a quiet road. I didn’t really meet many neighbors until my daughter started school at the Mount Holly Elementary School (MHS). I remember hearing at that time that MHS was likely to close due to many factors that I don’t recall. Regardless, the parents of the kindergarten class that year were go-getters, especially when it came to our children, and our drive to make MHS better than it was before was infectious. During the ten years that I was involved directly with MHS there were many changes, driven, in my opinion, by parent and community involvement. As a result, the school and students blossomed. Also, in my opinion, MHS has continued to flourish because of continued parent and community support.

How sad would it have been if the Mount Holly Elementary School had closed. And how sad it would have been to not meet some of our new and interesting neighbors who came because we have an awesome school.

In the six years I have been a parent of Black River Middle School and then High School students, I have seen many changes in that school as well. The changes are more incremental, I think, because there is less parent and community direct involvement. This is to be expected because the kids will be adults when they finish with high school. I believe that our community, Ludlow and Mount Holly can work together to keep our part of Vermont whole, and that starts with keeping our secondary school in our community.

A few days ago there was a community forum at MHS and it seemed to me that there wasn’t much recent first-hand knowledge about what Black River Schools are really like. I would encourage anyone interested in learning and observing the reality that is Black River High School Middle School to drop by the school and ask for a tour or maybe sit in on a class or two and then be able to make a truly informed decision.


Sherri Geimer

Mt. Holly, Vt.

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