Dear Editor, Thank you from families of Charlotte Edgar

The families of Charlotte Jameison Edgar would like to thank the following for bringing together a beautiful memorial service on Friday, May 5:

Reverend William Freeman for the generosity of his talents and personal insight, in his commemorative sermon, the musicians Julane, Judy, Kristen, and Olivia, Nancy Davis and Stephanie Rowe for their planning in the preparation of the Unitarian Church, along with assisting that day, Cheryl and Diane at Chester Flowers for their stunning dual arrangements that were so appropriate in Charlotte’s remembrance, a poignant keepsake and consolation for her twin brother.

In addition, the Fullerton Inn for their great buffet and atmosphere, and tribute Artistry Monuments and Jeff and Kirby from the Town of Chester for their professional detail at North Street Cemetery.


With thanks,

Nancy, Don, Laurie, and Caroline

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