Dear Editor,

The Londonderry Volunteer Rescue Squad (LVRS) and the squad’s Technical Rescue Department recently received two grants from Londonderry’s Thrifty Attic.

LVRS responds to approximately 500 calls annually including calls to cardiac arrest patients who need early CPR and defibrillation to survive. In addition to recertifying all squad members in CPR annually, LVRS instructors offer CPR classes to the public so that community members can begin life-saving care to cardiac arrest victims before the squad arrives.

With the help of one Thrifty Attic grant, LVRS has purchased two new automatic external defibrillator (AED) training devices. These AED “trainers” are identical to real AED’s except that they do not actually deliver an electrical shock, so can be used safely in a training environment. These devices allow for a higher degree of realism in training scenarios so that squad and community rescuers can rapidly and definitively deploy an AED when needed for a real patient. The squad uses these devices for internal training as well as to offer dozens of CPR classes for the community and local organizations.

The same grant also allowed LVRS to purchase a new infant airway training manikin. Squad members will use this manikin to practice inserting devices to protect the airway of infant patients and delivering artificial respirations to those patients.

The LVRS Technical Rescue Department was able to purchase new rope rescue gear and a new backcountry medical backpack thanks to a second grant from the Thrift Attic. The new equipment is being used to create individual kits for tasks such as rappelling or establishing a basket haul system. These specialized kits will allow rescue teams to grab a bag that contains everything needed for a particular task rather than having to select individual ropes and hardware from a common collection, greatly improving deployment time. The new medical backpack is organized to include medical supplies for common backcountry treatments such as splinting, bandaging, and temperature management.

The Thrifty Attic has been supporting local organizations for more than 40 years and LVRS has a long history of support from the Thrifty Attic. In recent years LVRS has received grants to purchase rescue and life-saving equipment, advanced heart monitors, extrication equipment, GPS units, CPR mannequins, pediatric car seats, backboard adapters, digital cameras, and other critical equipment.

LVRS serves the tri-mountain towns of Landgrove, Londonderry, Peru, South Londonderry, Stratton, Weston, Windham, Bondville, and Winhall.


Thank you Thrifty Attic!

Londonderry Volunteer Rescue Squad

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