THIS + THAT: Former Terrier now coach of rival team

Former Terrier Mike Howe “For me, coaching is passing along my knowledge and love of the game, in hopes that others will enjoy the same experiences I have had. Coaching against Mike is always good. I enjoy watching him coach … Continued

THIS & THAT: A tornado wreaks havoc at Fall Mountain


Fall Mountain Imagine you have just played a big rivalry baseball or softball game on the road. It is a Friday night. Even though it is a Friday, you are just kinda sitting back on the bus ride home, readying … Continued

THIS + THAT: Greven Field


Cavendish’s Greven Field has been the site of a number of Green Mountain versus Black River softball games in recent years. Fans love to watch games there, especially with the replica Fenway wall in the backdrop of the leftfielder. The … Continued

THIS + THAT: Regional loyalty in the sports world

The Vermont Journal and The Shopper’s coverage area includes five high schools. Alphabetically, they are Bellows Falls, Black River, Fall Mountain, Green Mountain, and Springfield, and they all have their supporters. In general, if one lives in an area, they … Continued

THIS + THAT: April (snow) showers


When I was young, I was taught that April showers will bring May flowers. I’m not sure about those May Flowers, but I do know that in 2018 everyone received way more than their share of April showers this month. … Continued

THIS + THAT: Black River Presidents basketball history


“Joslyn, Parino, Howarth, Pierce, Goodell. Yonder lie the Presidents and we are doing well.” You have likely lived close to a full life if you quickly recognize the meaning of those words. The slogan was shouted with enthusiasm by Black … Continued


I am a newspaper man through and through. I have been one since I can remember. There are many parts to a newspaper. There are also a number of different kinds of newspapers. There are broadsheets of different sizes, and … Continued

THIS + THAT: In memory of Bellows Falls sports’ heroes

Bellows Falls lost two big time community members recently. They both stood front and center in the athletic arena. They both cared about their community, and when it came to volunteering, they both asked, “Where do I get in line?” … Continued

THIS + THAT: Previous stars, where are they now?

It sure feels good to look up and out the window and to not see snow falling. It has been a while since I have written this section without the white stuff falling outside. Thinking of warmer climates, I give … Continued

THIS + THAT: Purple Terrier pride

I was sitting here wondering if we will ever have a Tuesday without snow. One parent told me she wonders if she will ever have a Tuesday when the kids are actually in school. The only area team to win … Continued

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