THIS + THAT: #ForeverBlackRiverPresidents

Sitting in front of the computer starting to type as the first flakes of the next storm begin to fall. My initial reaction is “no more” and then I remember how much I loved the snow as a youngster. I … Continued

This & That: Good vs bad local team rivalries


Rivalries are often the focus of sports competition. According to Webster, a rival is one of two or more parties striving to reach or obtain something that only one can possess. One that, at least, equals another in a desired … Continued


Another year is about to come to a close; and as each year passes by, all of us have established more of a baseline to look back on our lives and see how the journey has come. Whether one is … Continued



The holiday cheer is in Chester, Langdon, and Keene this time of year. That’s where three holiday basketball tournaments are held. Players from Springfield, Fall Mountain, Black River, and Green Mountain have the opportunity to join the fun. Tournaments certainly … Continued


True die-hard New England sports fans may have had problems getting out of bed Tuesday, Dec. 12. They likely burnt the candle late Monday night, watching the New England Patriots and/or the Boston Celtics. Then, to suffer to even a … Continued


  Sitting here wondering, how many of you enjoy the leftovers of Thanksgiving as much as you enjoy the meal itself? The chances are the overwhelming majority of you get really bummed when those leftovers are gone. They are a … Continued


Bellows Falls

  The captains of the 2017 Bellows Falls Division II Vermont State Championship Field Hockey team agree on two things unanimously. Hartford and Burr & Burton both qualified as rivalry intense games in their championship drive for a threepeat this … Continued

Former Wildcat soccer player, outstanding college coach


Try this one on for size. You are a college soccer coach and your team is enjoying one fantastic season. The word fantastic was not chosen lightly. Your team is 18-0-2. They average 3.2 goals a game. Said team has … Continued


Bellows Falls is first and foremost a football town. Always has been. Likely always will be, despite the fact many coaches, athletes, teams and even fans, have tried to move the meter. The 2017 Terrier football team was an exciting … Continued

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