THIS + THAT: Purple Terrier pride

I was sitting here wondering if we will ever have a Tuesday without snow. One parent told me she wonders if she will ever have a Tuesday when the kids are actually in school. The only area team to win … Continued

This & That: Understanding school sports’ divisions


    Springfield competes in the Division III ranks in Vermont football and at this stage of the game, the Cosmos and their fellow teams can do little but shake their heads at what their schedule will look like. The … Continued

THIS + THAT: #ForeverBlackRiverPresidents

Sitting in front of the computer starting to type as the first flakes of the next storm begin to fall. My initial reaction is “no more” and then I remember how much I loved the snow as a youngster. I … Continued

This & That: Good vs bad local team rivalries


Rivalries are often the focus of sports competition. According to Webster, a rival is one of two or more parties striving to reach or obtain something that only one can possess. One that, at least, equals another in a desired … Continued

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