VAULT celebrates Steampunk! 


SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Gallery at the VAULT is pleased to announce the opening of our third annual Steampunk show, this year featuring the work of five artists: Sue Carey, Lynette Carston, Sloane Dawson, Sarah Machtey, and Lois Warren. Add to … Continued

Historical museum discussions

BELMONT, Vt. – Dennis Devereux, chair of the Mount Holly Community Historical Museum, will discuss the decade of the 1860s at the Perkins House Museum on Saturday, Aug. 19 at 2 p.m. The program continues the story about the history … Continued

Antique Langstroth beehive


Deanne Sanville is a local, treatment-free beekeeper and recently acquired this beehive. The hive is over 100 years old, since the queen referenced was purchased in 1915 and clipped in 1916. Despite the different look of hives now, it is … Continued

Free day at state-owned historic sites

REGION – Aug. 16 is a Vermont State Holiday commemorating Bennington Battle Day and our victory over the British on Aug. 16, 1777. To celebrate this Revolutionary War victory, admission is free on Aug. 16 to the Bennington Battle Monument, … Continued

Harry Shokler Londonderry Artist


  Many Londonderry area residents will remember Harry Shokler. Others will be aware of his artwork. Shokler was born in Ohio in 1896 and died in Londonderry, Vermont in 1978. While he was successful as a painter he is best … Continued

The safe adventure, Part 2

Ron Patch

Saturday afternoon, Aug. 5, Jerry Stewart and his son Nate showed up at the Chester Historical Society to cut open the mystery safe. You will recall this safe was thought to be the Wiggins safe lost in the 1938 Hurricane … Continued

Herbie Randall & a bee tree


I think most readers read about the antique safe we found in the Williams River recently. You will recall it was my neighbor Herbie Randall (1880-1975) who told me about the safe when I was a young boy. The safe … Continued

The history of oleomargarine


This past spring I was examining the 1874 Vermont Journal published in Springfield. As I scan these old papers looking for local historical information I often find other stories that capture my interest. One headline, “Artificial Butter” caught my eye. … Continued

East Wallingford Railroad Section House Museum


EAST WALLINGFORD, Vt. – The East Wallingford Railroad Section House Museum will be open Saturday, July 29 from Noon – 2:00 p.m. Section houses were built to provide shelter, storage and offices for railroad maintenance workers. Although it’s age is … Continued

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