Dear Editor, Nitka’s notes from the State House

  The House of Representatives passed their budget, titled, The Appropriations Bill, H-518 with only one no vote out of their 150 member body earlier in the month. This week the Senate passed their version of the budget on a … Continued

Dear Editor, Nitka’s notes from the State House

As we move toward the end (May, 2017) of this first half of the two-year Legislative Session critical policy and budgeting decisions are being made on issues that were not settled in earlier months. The Department of Corrections, the number … Continued

Dear Editor, Nitka’s notes from the State House

  The 15-foot or taller double doors on the front of the State House were opened last week for the first time since the winter. This allows visitors to enter from the front rather than the sides of the building, … Continued

Vermont governor supports deporting some illegal aliens

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Speaking at a press conference Thursday, April 6 Republican Gov. Phil Scott said he would consider deporting some criminal aliens residing in Vermont illegally. The statement represents a modest change in the governor’s approach to illegal immigration, which has been … Continued

Interim municipal manager’s contract extended


BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – At an executive session at the April 4 joint board meeting two significant issues affecting the town and village were discussed – an extension of the interim municipal manager’s contract and the village’s obligation to pay … Continued

Vermont environmental bills die at crossover week


MONTPELIER, Vt. — In what was anticipated to have been a big year for environmental bills promoting a climate change agenda, no significant green energy bill managed to pass the legislative session’s “crossover week.” Crossover week is when bills being worked on in the Senate move over … Continued

State budget showdown expected next week in Vermont House

REGION — After weeks of exchanging barbs over the state budget plan, leaders in the Vermont House are moving toward a decisive vote that could bring years of legislative overspending to a halt. Republican Gov. Phil Scott and House Democrats have been locking horns for weeks over taxes, … Continued

House passes critical worker privacy protection bill


REGION – The Vermont House today unanimously passed important legislation designed to provide social media privacy protection measures for Vermont workers. The bill, H.462, prohibits employers from requiring or requesting that an employee or job applicant share their social media … Continued

Springfield legislative breakfast forum


  SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – On Monday, March 20 a legislative breakfast was held at the Holiday Inn Express in Springfield. Co-hosted by the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce, Springfield Regional Development Corporation, Springfield On the Move and the Southern Windsor … Continued

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