Who do you serve?

Dear Editor, In looking at our current political leadership, many of us have been asking a fundamental question: who do you serve? Are there any signs of human compassion or acts of true presidential leadership coming from the White House? … Continued

Christine Hallquist gets my vote

Dear Editor, I have done an exhaustive amount of research into the Democratic gubernatorial candidates. My research included online searches, library visits, attending or listening to forums, and talking to legislators and folks in the energy/conservation communities who have experiences … Continued

Vote wisely in Primary Election

Dear Editor, In the recent Vermont Public Radio political poll, 47 percent of Vermonters polled approved of Peter Welch’s job performance as Vermont’s sole representative in Congress. Also, 47 percent of those polled know someone personally affected by the opiate … Continued

Op-Ed: Overcharged for health care

“Overcharged: Why Americans Pay Too Much for Health Care” is a fast-paced 435-page trip through the underbelly of the health care industry, the policies that shape it, and their often undesirable and overly costly results. Its basic point is that … Continued

Op-Ed: Christine Hallquist: It’s past time

There are several facts almost every Vermonter can tell you about Vermont: we were the first state to abolish slavery, first to pass civil unions, and the first to pass same-sex marriage through the legislature. All of these point to … Continued

Thank you to the diners of Landgrove Inn

Dear Editor, I am writing to thank the diners of the Landgrove Inn where I was a chef for close to 12 years. The time has come to bid farewell to a place I often considered home. All of you … Continued

I vote for the man not the party

Dear Editor, My voting history goes back to 1960 when I cast my first vote for John F. Kennedy for president. Coming from a GOP family (that’s Grand Old Party for young voters who might not recognize the current Republican … Continued

Op-Ed: End-of-session budget report

Tom Bock. Photo Provided.

Time was of the essence. Without a budget passed by July 1, Vermont government would be closed for the first time in history. After the biennium session ended May 17, 2018 without a spending plan, a special session was reconvened, … Continued

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