We cannot compare kids today to kids back then

Dear Editor, I read a Letter to the Editor in the March 28, 2018 Shopper. I was surprised at the comparison of the Cold War to today’s kids. We truly cannot compare the two. The media back during the Cold … Continued

A letter from your local postal manager

Dear Editor, We’d like Walpole and surrounding towns’ pet owners to take a moment and look at the world through their dog’s eyes. Eating, sleeping, and playing take up most of their day. The one job they do have, at … Continued

Op-Ed: A better model for primary care

The legislature is debating how fast to propel the state into the new adventure of universal coverage for primary health care services, “whether the services are publicly financed or covered by health insurance or other means … [made] affordable for … Continued

The Fresh Air Fund celebrates National Volunteer Week

Dear Editor, The Fresh Air Fund looks forward to celebrating National Volunteer Week every year. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our inspiring volunteers, hosts, and supporters in central Vermont. Their dedication to our Fresh Air children … Continued

Op-Ed: Legislators should stand with voters

There have been some very good ideas, and some very bad ideas, over the years about changing the state’s education funding system. One of the best ideas came more than a hundred years ago, when Gov. William Dillingham proposed a … Continued

In favor of background checks

Dear Editor, Like many of my fellow veterans, I once enjoyed having a bunch of tax-free deployment money sitting in my bank account. I went out and bought a fancy military style rifle. I went all out too, 7.62 Millimeter, … Continued

Trump the Terrible

Dear Editor, President Trump’s character flaws are overwhelming his administration and placing our country in jeopardy. Former CIA Director John Brennan referred to Trump as ” unstable, inept, inexperienced, and also unethical.” I add divisive, chaotic, and terrible judgment. In … Continued

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