Gov. Scott’s ethical dilemma

Dear Editor, Gov. Scott’s ethical dilemma of being a debt financier of his former construction business is a genuine ethical issue. It is solvable, but either the governor lacks the imagination to do so, or is unwilling to do so. … Continued

A letter for Christine Hallquist for governor

Dear Editor, I watched the gubernatorial debate sponsored by VT Digger Wednesday, Oct. 10, and Christine Hallquist once again proved that she has the leadership qualities Vermont needs. She is smart, she listens to and learns from people, and she … Continued

Op-Ed: Raising the wage is good for business

Want to hear something obvious? Raising the minimum wage increases the take-home pay for low-income workers without hurting job growth. That’s not just a sound bite from Sen. Bernie Sanders – it’s now a proven economic fact. A study released … Continued

Wayne Townsend for Windsor County

Dear Editor, I’m writing to inform your readers about the candidacy of Wayne Townsend of Bethel, Vt. for senator representing Windsor County. Wayne is a farmer, a logger, and multigenerational Vermonter. The life experience he has accumulated coupled with his … Continued

Wayne Townsend for Senate

Dear Editor, I’m writing to thank all of my supporters all through Windsor County. I’m thankful to have met and have wonderful people beside me through this race for the Vermont State Senate. I look forward to meeting many more … Continued

Legislators should focus on our state

Dear Editor, Vermonters would be far better served if our local legislative representatives focused on what is happening in this state, rather than the lunatic asylum that is Washington, D.C. We face a whole array of really big problems right … Continued

Op-Ed: It’s about Vermont

Local media is vital to Vermont’s political process. Issues that aren’t on the radar in the pressrooms of NYC, D.C., or L.A. are often of the utmost importance to Vermonters, and it’s our local media that can and does hold … Continued

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