Op-Ed: Sixteen pointed questions for 2018 candidates

Here are 16 incisive questions that citizens might want to pose to candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, and the legislature as Election Day 2018 approaches. 1. School Spending Control: Do you believe the State should take control of all K-12 … Continued

Op-Ed: Kate’s story, the cost of addiction

Earlier this year, I attended the National Opiate and Prescription Drug Conference. I was inspired by Jerome M. Adams, M.D., MPH, U.S. Surgeon General, who shared his personal story of how addiction touched his family, resulting in a family member … Continued

Op-Ed: Vermonters want a minimum wage increase

Vermonters have spoken. A recent poll commissioned by Vermont Public Radio and Vermont PBS showed a majority of Vermonters favor going to a $15 minimum wage, and over 80 percent support raising it above the current level. In all the … Continued

Op-Ed: What Americans think about their schools

“Schools are not as good as they were in my day. Kids had to mind then. Not like today. Things are out of control.” Said in a variety of ways, over half the population agrees. The truth is that schools … Continued

Op-Ed: The perfect little climate conscious state

A year ago Gov. Scott created a Climate Action Commission in response to clamor generated by the state’s environmental organizations determined to make Vermonters take bold action to defeat the Menace of Climate Change, which they insist “is a fundamental … Continued

Op-Ed: Republicans can support common sense gun laws

The governor’s victory in the recent Republican primary shows that the vast majority of Vermonters – including those in the Republican party – are supportive of his courageous actions to pass gun safety measures. The governor’s win sends a clear … Continued

Op-Ed: The “takeover” of Lake Ninevah

It was Patches Pond when my husband started going to Lake Ninevah with his parents. We purchased a plot in 1958. Blakely Beach was open to owners. We spent many happy days there. Vince Blakely, the owner, always had a … Continued

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