Op-Ed: Raising property taxes won’t lower property taxes

property taxes

The Legislature is again considering using the property tax as a deterrent against high spending in Vermont schools. Currently, school tax rates go up proportionally with per-pupil spending increases. The bill recently passed by the House would change the education … Continued

Op-Ed: The annual education finance end game

The Vermont General Assembly is in its final weeks of trying to assemble a school finance “reform” bill. Their product so far has become an ever-shifting grab bag of proposals that even veteran legislators must be struggling to follow from … Continued

Op-Ed: Standing up for seniors

This Saturday, April 14, I will be holding three Senior Town Meetings: a breakfast meeting in Montpelier, a lunch meeting in Newport, and an early dinner meeting in St. Albans. I hope you can join me to get an update … Continued

Op-Ed: Investing in our future

Education of our young people is one of the most important obligations of our democracy. And a funding system that enables school district voters throughout the state to make thoughtful budget decisions is key to fulfilling that obligation in Vermont. … Continued

Op-Ed: Canadian newsprint is not the enemy – tariffs are

Every day at the News Media Alliance headquarters, a stack of newspapers arrives for myself and the staff. But with the Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission currently considering tariffs on Canadian newsprint, those days of screen-free reading … Continued

Op-Ed: Local control is key to public education success

Twenty years ago, Vermont made a firm commitment to retain local control of decisions about school spending. This carefully considered choice came in the wake of the Brigham decision in 1997, when the Vermont Supreme Court ruled the state’s education … Continued

Op-Ed: A better model for primary care

The legislature is debating how fast to propel the state into the new adventure of universal coverage for primary health care services, “whether the services are publicly financed or covered by health insurance or other means … [made] affordable for … Continued

Op-Ed: Legislators should stand with voters

There have been some very good ideas, and some very bad ideas, over the years about changing the state’s education funding system. One of the best ideas came more than a hundred years ago, when Gov. William Dillingham proposed a … Continued

Op-Ed: Education funding can be fairer and simpler

While it includes some useful changes, the House bill to reform education funding fails in its stated objective, which was to “simplify the funding process” and “strengthen the connection between voters and the cost of supporting local schools.” First the … Continued

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