The climate economy—an important opportunity for Vermont

REGION – Despite growing uncertainty about our national climate policy, we can be proud that the Green Mountain State is widely recognized as a leader in green initiatives. Across the state, there is a shared commitment to environmental protection and … Continued

Tax fraud – right here in River City?

VICTORY, Vt. — A Connecticut family listed among the defendants in an ongoing voter fraud lawsuit has admitted voting in Vermont elections, according to public court documents. Family members said they got approval to do so from the Vermont Secretary … Continued

What federally required achievement tests tell us

Like the unexplained monoliths in the classic movie, “2001, A Space Odyssey,” our standardized test scores float untethered in space, free of the very things they are supposed to measure; yet having great power. They claim to measure “college and … Continued

Northern Vt. electric grid reaching saturation point

By Michael Bielawski, True North Reports New electric utility development in northern Vermont may not be possible due to energy grid saturation. “During periods of a high generation or low consumer demand, ISO New England must curtail some resources in … Continued

Freedom and community revisited

Over the holiday weekend, rummaging through old file boxes in the barn, I came across a folder of my five-minute commentaries aired on WDEV radio thirty years ago. Most of them dealt with issues now long forgotten, but the final … Continued

Former state auditor questions $35 million housing program

REGION – Former Vermont senator and state auditor Randy Brock may have distanced himself from Vermont’s political scene since his unsuccessful 2016 run for lieutenant governor, but that doesn’t mean he’s not following what’s going on financially under Montpelier’s Golden Dome.  Brock … Continued

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