Addressing an invisible disability

Most of us are aware of the constantly increasing number of senior citizens, and along with that the increasing number of people affected with some kind of memory loss disorder. Those with memory loss, particularly those in the early stages, … Continued

Airbnb’s effecting quality of life in Vermont?

As a former State Representative, I am still deeply interested in issues affecting the quality of life for all Vermonters. The proliferation of Airbnbs and web-based rentals are affecting the livelihood of owners of licensed, regulated inns, hotels and B&Bs. … Continued

Every day is Children’s Environmental Health Day

The health of our children is at stake. That may sound hyperbolic, but the evidence is clear – despite many advancements in the field of children’s environmental health, today’s children face an epidemic of illness and chronic diseases linked to … Continued

Economic development in the local food economy

Vermont food system businesses are building a values-based supply chain to succeed in the local, regional, and national marketplace. When you ask people their definition of the Vermont food economy, they’ll often talk about farms, farmers’ markets, or CSAs. What … Continued

Vermont is not wavering on clean water

By Julie Moore Despite the Scott Administration’s commitment to restoring Vermont’s waterways and funding clean water initiatives, recent news stories have contained inaccurate information and given the false impression that we’re decelerating our efforts. This is simply not the case. … Continued

Just for the record …

By Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos Recently, Ethan Allen Institute President Rob Roper posted an op-ed with the inflammatory, sensational title, “So Second Home Owners Can Vote in Vermont?” Perhaps as intended, Mr. Roper’s attention-seeking commentary caused significant confusion … Continued

Act 250 to be revisited by commission

By Michael Bielawski The state’s land use and development law has been on the books for almost a half century, and now a new commission is going back to the drawing board to see what the next 50 years should … Continued

Vermont’s greenhouse gas mandate: numbers don’t add up

By Jonathan A. Lesser, PhD. Vermont, along with 19 other states, has a long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction mandate. The original mandate, signed into law in 2006, called for a 75 percent reduction below 1990 emissions levels by 2050. In … Continued

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