Op-Ed: Trump’s ill-conceived drug price proposal

Two weeks ago, President Trump unveiled his long-promised plan for lowering prescription drug prices. It has two main features, relating to Medicare Part B. The first part responds to a real problem and is a useful solution. The second part … Continued

Op-Ed: Will bond downgrade spark pension reform?

On Oct. 23, Moody’s, the investors credit service, downgraded Vermont’s bond rating from AAA to Aa1. This has significant implications for the state’s ability to borrow money and the cost of doing so. The reasons Moody’s cited for the downgrade … Continued

Op-Ed: We should be proud of our Vermont elections

Election Day is fast approaching! On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Vermonters will head to the ballot box to vote for the people who will represent them, from Justice of the Peace all the way up to governor and members of Congress. … Continued

Op-Ed: Be brave, Little State

On a recent trip to Montana, a place I’ve visited often over the past 12 years, I was taken aback by how much it reminded me of Vermont – and how much it did not. Like Vermont, it’s a largely … Continued

Op-Ed: Unions vs. Teachers, thoughts after Janus

Following the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court decision that ruled public sector, unions can no longer force non-members to pay agency fees, both the unions and Vermont’s teachers have some questions to reflect upon. The big one for teachers is … Continued

Op-Ed: Economic Freedom of the World 2018

For a century or more, politicians and economists and have argued about the relationship, if any, between economic freedom and human wellbeing. The Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading market-oriented think tank, has just released its 2018 report on Economic Freedom of … Continued

Op-Ed: The school consolidation big hammer

For over half a century, the managers of Vermont’s public education system have yearned to consolidate school districts, get rid of “inefficient” small schools, and install progressive ideas that the locals were too obtuse to grasp and implement themselves. Until … Continued

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