Op-Ed: Emerald ash borer and nature’s resilience


The news that emerald ash borer has arrived in Vermont is devastating. In just a few decades, the majestic ash trees in our forests and swamps could practically disappear. Sadly, the emerald ash borer is just one of many non-native … Continued

Op-Ed: Democracy and community leadership

Yeah, these are disturbing times. During this period of political division and antagonism nationally – when the ideals of democracy are undermined and skepticism is rampant, and when social media blasts us with endless iterations of bad news – our … Continued

Op-Ed: ESSEX carbon tax robs poor to pay rich

Chris Miller, who works on the Social Missions Committee at Ben & Jerry’s, testified to the House Energy & Technology Committee that his company is firmly in favor of the carbon tax bills (H.791/S.284) based on the ESSEX Carbon Tax … Continued

Fiscal discipline and smart investments

On my first day in office, I set three strategic priorities: strengthen the economy, make Vermont more affordable, and protect the most vulnerable. These goals guide my administration in everything we do, including in the budgets I’ve recommended to the … Continued

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