Op-Ed: Vermont lawmakers could small businesses fleeing

As the Vermont General Assembly closes out this legislative session, NFIB, which represents more than a thousand small-business owners in the state, urges the legislature to consider the cumulative impact of the costly mandates being considered. These proposals will make … Continued

Op-Ed: Proficiency based learning not proficient

Vermont’s student test scores are falling. It’s no longer a blip, but a trend. As State Board of Education member Bill Mathis said, “When you have two different tests showing much the same thing, you have to pay attention to … Continued

Op-Ed: Fighting for Vermont’s veterans

As a longtime member and former chair of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I am honored to be able to work on behalf of Vermont’s 45,000 veterans and their families, who have done so much in service to our country. … Continued

Op-Ed: Implementing ridesharing networks in rural Vermont

There’s something in the DNA of Vermonters that comes from our Yankee ingenuity that helps us solve problems using limited resources, and usually in a way that helps benefit our community at large. While a full-time professional squad of fire … Continued

Op-Ed: Raising property taxes won’t lower property taxes

property taxes

The Legislature is again considering using the property tax as a deterrent against high spending in Vermont schools. Currently, school tax rates go up proportionally with per-pupil spending increases. The bill recently passed by the House would change the education … Continued

Op-Ed: The annual education finance end game

The Vermont General Assembly is in its final weeks of trying to assemble a school finance “reform” bill. Their product so far has become an ever-shifting grab bag of proposals that even veteran legislators must be struggling to follow from … Continued

Op-Ed: Standing up for seniors

This Saturday, April 14, I will be holding three Senior Town Meetings: a breakfast meeting in Montpelier, a lunch meeting in Newport, and an early dinner meeting in St. Albans. I hope you can join me to get an update … Continued

Op-Ed: Investing in our future

Education of our young people is one of the most important obligations of our democracy. And a funding system that enables school district voters throughout the state to make thoughtful budget decisions is key to fulfilling that obligation in Vermont. … Continued

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