Dear Editor, Very sorry for the error on the flyer

Dear Ludlow and Mt. Holly School Families, Community Members and School Board Members, On behalf of the Two Rivers Supervisory Union (TRSU), I am deeply sorry for the errors that were made on the May 25 flyer that was sent … Continued

Dear Editor, European immigrant problems

  A truck assault in Berlin, Germany, is one of many problems Germany is experiencing with one million Middle East and North African immigrants, mostly young males, who are committing murders, robberies and assaults on German Christians and Jews, especially … Continued

Dear Editor, In response to Peter Smith

Peter Smith thinks Mount Holly and Ludlow should send their students to Mill River HS and let Black River HS close its doors forever, but he compares apples to oranges and only notices that they are fruit. Peter refers to … Continued

Dear Editor, We can not continue on this path

When our communities started the process of researching ACT 46, it seemed fairly straightforward; we would create a RED (regional education district) within the current Two Rivers Supervisory Union. We would meet the requirements of the “preferred” model and not … Continued

Dear Editor, Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

  The recent Postal Carrier’s food drive (“Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive”) carried more than a lot of weight on behalf of Black River Good Neighbor Services this year. An amazing amount of food was donated in just one day … Continued

Dear Editor, A community raises a child

It takes a community to raise a child. Ludlow has been that community for generations. When my daughter began thinking about high school, Black River was her first choice even though we live in Springfield. Black River is a school … Continued

Dear Editor, Closing a school guarantees decline

Closing a school guarantees an economic decline for that community. It has been studied in other parts of the country where school closures have devastated their communities. Without Black River High School, Ludlow businesses will lose local traffic. With a … Continued

Dear Editor, Thank for to the towns

Neighborhood Connections would like to thank the towns of Andover, Jamaica, Landgrove, Londonderry, Peru, Weston and Windhall for their pledge of support at the recent March Town Meetings. Your generous backing helps us do our important work – particularly since … Continued

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