Wayne Townsend for Senate

Dear Editor, I’m writing to thank all of my supporters all through Windsor County. I’m thankful to have met and have wonderful people beside me through this race for the Vermont State Senate. I look forward to meeting many more … Continued

Legislators should focus on our state

Dear Editor, Vermonters would be far better served if our local legislative representatives focused on what is happening in this state, rather than the lunatic asylum that is Washington, D.C. We face a whole array of really big problems right … Continued

Thank you Bernie Sanders

Dear Editor, I wish to thank Bernie Sanders for his help in securing funds for housing for the poor and the homeless. For the third year in a row, $3 million to build, preserve, and rehabilitate this housing. Good for … Continued

Concerned resident of Lovers Lane in Chester

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter on behalf of the concerned residents of Lovers Lane. The condescending and disingenuous tone that the Town of Chester is taking in regard to the proposed purchase of the Tomasso property is both … Continued

My turn or take on politics

Dear Editor, As a person who has observed state politics from the inside for the last 12 years, I would like to offer a few thoughts. I never planned to get involved in politics so I certainly did not have … Continued

Thanks to Chester for making Fall Festival another success

Dear Editor, Fall Festival drew crowds into Chester Sept. 15 and 16 under warm, sunny skies. Visitors enjoyed coming to our beautiful Chester Village to celebrate the arts in our area and enjoy our local musicians. Vendors appreciated the friendly … Continued

A response to candidates debate aired on SAPA

Dear Editor, I condemn, in no uncertain terms, the bigotry expressed by an independent candidate at the candidates’ forum on Sept. 10 on Springfield Public Access TV. The comments about the NAACP wanting black people to take “our jobs” fueled … Continued

Beth Gray, candidate for state representative

Dear Editor, I was born in Springfield, raised in North Springfield, and graduated from Springfield High School in 1988. I attended CCV and graduated from Johnson State in 2009. I believe in Springfield and North Springfield. We can make this … Continued

Candidate’s statement: local government and education

Dear Editor, Thomas Jefferson told us that “government closest to the people serves the people best.” It wouldn’t make sense though for towns to conduct their own foreign policy, or to expect select boards to field world class military forces. … Continued

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