Be more selective with obituaries

Dear Editor, I was shocked in reading the obituary page of my Sunday, Jan. 14, issue of the Valley News to see the article on Edgar Killen who was responsible for the killing of three civil rights workers during the … Continued

Beware of excess government spending

Dear Editor, In recent weeks, the print newspapers and online news sources have covered Vermont politicians making exciting announcements about grants being awarded for an assortment of local projects and initiatives. Gov. Phil Scott and his ribbon cutting ceremonies with … Continued

Library thanks Thrifty Attic for generous donation

Dear Editor, The South Londonderry Free Library would like to thank the Thrifty Attic for its generous donation for library improvements, including a new computer and copier. The wonderful ladies that manage the Thrifty include Sally Waite, Marion Laselle, Andrea … Continued

Petitions for a revote on Act 46/706B Merger

Dear Editor, As many in Ludlow know, the most recent Act 46 / 706B Merger vote was very confusing to many people. Countless voters have called me or stopped me around town saying they now realize they voted incorrectly. With … Continued

Thank you to the Thrifty Attic

Dear Editor, All of the residents, staff, and Board Members would like to thank the Thrifty Attic for our 2017 grant we just received. They were kind enough to grant us all of our requests this year with $706. This … Continued

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