A thank you to voters in Primary Election

Dear Editor, I would like to express my appreciation to all of you who voted for me in this year’s Primary Election, granting me the top spot on the Republican ballot. A special thank you goes out to those of … Continued

A response to “The ‘takeover’ of Lake Ninevah”

Dear Editor, We write on behalf of the Ninevah Foundation, and ask that this letter be published as a response to Ida Gage’s Aug. 15 opinion article about Lake Ninevah. We are long-time residents of Lake Ninevah. Paul served for … Continued

May we find our humanity

Dear Editor, The recent caging of children, splitting, deporting, and imprisoning of families seeking asylum in the U.S., along with other, continuing, criminal atrocities committed by agents of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) is reminiscent of the atrocities of Nazi … Continued

Silence is consent

Dear Editor, My name is Lew Watters. My wife Bonnie and I have lived, worked, and raised a family in Vermont over a span of 44 years. We are now retired and blessed with six grandchildren in nearby Brookfield, Vt. … Continued

Vermont in need of a change

Dear Editor, As the election season nears, it is vital that we vet the candidates running for governor to determine who has the best plan to restore economic prosperity to the Vermont we so dearly love. We are in desperate … Continued

Who do you serve?

Dear Editor, In looking at our current political leadership, many of us have been asking a fundamental question: who do you serve? Are there any signs of human compassion or acts of true presidential leadership coming from the White House? … Continued

Christine Hallquist gets my vote

Dear Editor, I have done an exhaustive amount of research into the Democratic gubernatorial candidates. My research included online searches, library visits, attending or listening to forums, and talking to legislators and folks in the energy/conservation communities who have experiences … Continued

Vote wisely in Primary Election

Dear Editor, In the recent Vermont Public Radio political poll, 47 percent of Vermonters polled approved of Peter Welch’s job performance as Vermont’s sole representative in Congress. Also, 47 percent of those polled know someone personally affected by the opiate … Continued

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