Dear Editor,

As a Ludlow resident and parent of two children currently attending Ludlow Elementary School, I began attending ACT 46 meetings last summer when I realized the massive impact on our community. I have asked many questions and received informed answers, … Continued

Dear Editor, Let’s take the long view

  Is it just the nature of the institution that the Legislature tends to focus on issues that have or are about to become crises? We seem to have a new annual tradition in Vermont; each year we face a … Continued

Dear Editor, Vote “YES” for school consolidation

We urge the residents of Andover, Baltimore, Cavendish and Chester to vote on May 2 in favor of forming a single preK-12 school district, the Green Mountain Unified School District. A “yes” vote merges the governance structure of the existing … Continued

Dear Editor, Thank you

Dear Editor, The members of the Chester Snowmobile Club wish to thank the many generous landowners that have allowed the use of their land in support of our trail system.   Stan Choiniere President

Dear Editor, Nitka’s notes from the State House

As we move toward the end (May, 2017) of this first half of the two-year Legislative Session critical policy and budgeting decisions are being made on issues that were not settled in earlier months. The Department of Corrections, the number … Continued

Dear Editor, Degrade North Korean economy

  President Trump has pointed out the strong linkage between China and North Korea, and he correctly assumes China can influence North Korea’s weapons development program. We must work with China on resolving this situation, and also on the Chinese … Continued

Dear Editor, Nitka’s notes from the State House

  The 15-foot or taller double doors on the front of the State House were opened last week for the first time since the winter. This allows visitors to enter from the front rather than the sides of the building, … Continued

Dear Editor,

  To the generous landowners of Ludlow who allow snowmobile trails on your property. The officers and members of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile club fully appreciate your kindness in allowing us to use your property for snowmobiling. We … Continued

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