Dear Editor, Apropos “Community: more than a slogan”

Apropos “Community: more than a slogan” (editorial, April 19, 2017): Vermonters know who we are. ‘Vermonter’ is not race or ethnicity. It is a culture: the Vermont Way. Newcomers who want to become Vermonters respect our culture while sharing theirs, … Continued

Dear Editor

  I have hesitated to write about last November’s presidential election because it was so controversial, but I think it is time to point out a few things. Many called for an abolishment of the Electoral College. I think this … Continued

All in or done in?

Act 46, the highly controversial school district consolidation law, is proving to be well-nigh impossible to comply with for many school districts as it is written. It is currently being tweaked by the Senate and the House as S.122/H.122 in … Continued

Dear Editor, Nitka’s notes from the State House

  The House of Representatives passed their budget, titled, The Appropriations Bill, H-518 with only one no vote out of their 150 member body earlier in the month. This week the Senate passed their version of the budget on a … Continued

Dear Editor,

As a Ludlow resident and parent of two children currently attending Ludlow Elementary School, I began attending ACT 46 meetings last summer when I realized the massive impact on our community. I have asked many questions and received informed answers, … Continued

Dear Editor, Let’s take the long view

  Is it just the nature of the institution that the Legislature tends to focus on issues that have or are about to become crises? We seem to have a new annual tradition in Vermont; each year we face a … Continued

What Vermont can’t afford 

Every year, Vermont gives away tens of millions of dollars to high-income taxpayers while cutting services for Vermonters who are struggling the most to make ends meet. Yet it is clear that Vermonters, as shown by their votes for national … Continued

Dear Editor, Vote “YES” for school consolidation

We urge the residents of Andover, Baltimore, Cavendish and Chester to vote on May 2 in favor of forming a single preK-12 school district, the Green Mountain Unified School District. A “yes” vote merges the governance structure of the existing … Continued

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