Dear Editor, A community raises a child

It takes a community to raise a child. Ludlow has been that community for generations. When my daughter began thinking about high school, Black River was her first choice even though we live in Springfield. Black River is a school … Continued

Dear Editor, Closing a school guarantees decline

Closing a school guarantees an economic decline for that community. It has been studied in other parts of the country where school closures have devastated their communities. Without Black River High School, Ludlow businesses will lose local traffic. With a … Continued

Dear Editor, Thank for to the towns

Neighborhood Connections would like to thank the towns of Andover, Jamaica, Landgrove, Londonderry, Peru, Weston and Windhall for their pledge of support at the recent March Town Meetings. Your generous backing helps us do our important work – particularly since … Continued

Dear Editor, The heart of our community

  With voting day approaching in Ludlow and Mount Holly, the tension is thick. People who once greeted you with a cordial greeting and a smile, now turn around and walk the other way when they see you in their … Continued

Dear Editor, Lack of recognition

I am concerned with the level of vitriol that I have observed in the Mount Holly community over the upcoming May 30 vote on the future of our schools. There are rational arguments to be made for each choice and … Continued

Dear Editor, The Mill River Merger Vote

The Mill River Merger Vote – it’s also about “saving” our two Elementary Schools. As I’ve listened to the discussion back and forth it has focused almost exclusively on the two high schools at issue; the size and quality of … Continued

Dear Editor, No ranking list for VT high schools

Vermont does not have a ranking list for its high schools. No such animal exists on the Agency of Education website, though one year of the statewide SBAC test results can be found. “At least three years of test results … Continued

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