Op-Ed: A course change for public sector unions

In his Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom (1785), Thomas Jefferson famously declared that “to compel a man to furnish contribution of money for the propagation of opinion which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” In that spirit, the … Continued

Putney Cares thanks community for reaching goal

Dear Editor, We did it! We made our goal. We are delighted to be writing this to thank everyone for your generous support for the renewal of the first floor of the Putney Cares Activities Barn. June 30 marked the … Continued

Political campaign season is here again

Dear Editor, The political campaign season is here once again. Vermonters have another chance to make a much needed course correction in the relationship we have with our state government. The forced school closures and mandated mergers involved with Act … Continued

A response to discussion on Tierney Road

Dear Editor, “Cavendish residents continue discussion on Tierney Road” by Thomas Foster IV, July 11, needs corrections. Several statements reportedly made at the meeting are misquotes. Perhaps they were made outside this meeting, but were not made on July 9 … Continued

BRHS thanks community for successful Project Graduation

Dear Editor, Black River High School Project Graduation 2018 would like to thank Nick Miele and the Ludlow Community Center, the Adventure Zone at Okemo Mountain Resort, Steve Finer of Finer Magic, and Jim Kelly Medium for a wonderful evening. … Continued

Solving the raw sewage problem

Dear Editor, I hope that everyone enjoyed our celebration of independence and freedom from our former controlling monarchy motherland, Britain. We must eternally thank our Founding Fathers and armed citizens who fought against the odds for our freedom. We must … Continued

CAES thanks our summer camp scholarship sponsors

Dear Editor, Thanks to the generosity and support of multiple organizations, businesses, and individuals within our community, we have been able to provide summer camp scholarships for several of our students. Please join us in thanking the following sponsors for … Continued

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