Fraud? In Vermont?

Last year the Vermont legislature began debating whether to establish ethics rules and create an ethics commission to oversee the activities of elected or appointed state officials. H.215 was signed into law early this year by Governor Scott and becomes … Continued

Democratic Committee warning notice taken

Dear Editor, Vermont statute requires that every two years Vermont political parties hold a reorganization caucus. Warnings must be posted 10 days in advance of the caucus, and one of these warnings must be in the Town Hall.  As the … Continued

Reader clarifies the Westminster Massacre

Dear Editor,   As the author of “Revolutionary Westminster: From Massacre To Statehood” (The History Press, 2011), I hope you’ll allow me to correct a few details in Trina Menard’s story on Westminster history. In October 1774 the Continental Congress … Continued

Vermont’s greenhouse gas mandate: numbers don’t add up

By Jonathan A. Lesser, PhD. Vermont, along with 19 other states, has a long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction mandate. The original mandate, signed into law in 2006, called for a 75 percent reduction below 1990 emissions levels by 2050. In … Continued

Playhouse’s courage is commended

Dear Editor, On a cold, wet Sunday afternoon, Sept. 3, we were privileged to attend the Weston Playhouse Theatre Company’s final performance of Eugene O’Neill’s “Long Day’s Journey Into Night,” which is a classic of alcoholism, drug addiction, and the … Continued

Massage for Cancer Day cancelled


LUDLOW, Vt. – In 2016 we held our 14th year for Massage for Cancer Day. We brought in $15,635. With our gas cards we helped over 165 families, friends, and neighbors. Many thanks to all those who donated time and money, … Continued

Heartfelt thanks for paving project on Route 11

Open letter to Governor Scott, Thank you! On behalf of the residents of the Town of Andover and surrounding communities, we appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration in authorizing   the paving of Vermont Route 11, correcting the dangerous conditions that existed. … Continued

Upcoming meeting will officially kick off GMUSD

Dear Editor, On May 2, 2017, the citizens of Andover, Baltimore, Cavendish and Chester voted to approve the Act 46 merger plan to form one school district with one budget, one tax rate and one board of directors. At the … Continued

Everybody wants to be a Vermonter

Everybody wants to belong, to some place or some group. The question of belonging is the core plot of some of the most compelling movies, novels, plays and real-life stories. To belong is to be a strand in a fabric … Continued

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