Dear Editor, Thank you from DG Bodywork


It was my honor to accept the Cavendish Community Fund Grant in order to throw the first ever Firefighter Olympics in the green. It can be overwhelming to plan a first time event. I felt that it went smoothly and provided … Continued

A perfect storm in the making

It seems this is the year for generating more heat than light in the state’s education sector, and as usual our children are the sacrificial lambs. As if the turmoil over Act 46 weren’t enough, the state teachers’ union and … Continued

Dear Editor, Let us all have our rights

I had to go vote in favor of my children’s future. This was not something I walked into lightly, nor boldly. I felt very conflicted about people dear to us who have a middle schooler at BRHS, and anyone else … Continued

Dear Editor, Ludlow Listers office

I would like to impart a few facts which many people may not realize about some of the details and procedures that are handled in the Ludlow Listers Office. There are over 3400 parcels in the town. The town has … Continued

Dear Editor, VT NEA

Governor Phil Scott has been taking a lot of undeserved political heat from the VT NEA teacher’s union and their allies in the VT Democrat party regarding his courageous stand to save the VT taxpayer $26 million dollars. This considerable savings … Continued

Dear Editor, RIP Carolyn Spaulding

Dear Editor, Recently a committal service was held for Carolyn Spaulding at the Ludlow cemetery. Many might not have known her name but she was an ever presence walking down Main Street with her cane. She had a  routine of breakfast … Continued

Dear Editor, Thank you from BRAM

Recently, Okemo Community Challenge Grant Committee donated monies to the Black River Academy Museum to support many on-going projects that are slated for completion in 2017/2018. A heat pump and dehumidifying system will be installed along with much-needed repairs in … Continued

“This land is our land”

In November of 2014, 59-year-old Bernice Ende of Trego, Montana, arrived in Plymouth Union, mile 3,400 in a different kind of road trip – on horseback. Ende calls herself Lady Long Rider. Since 2005 she had left hoofprints on almost … Continued

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