Op-Ed: Education funding can be fairer and simpler

While it includes some useful changes, the House bill to reform education funding fails in its stated objective, which was to “simplify the funding process” and “strengthen the connection between voters and the cost of supporting local schools.” First the … Continued

Springfield Energy Committee weatherization campaign

Dear Editor, In January, the Springfield Energy Committee launched a Weatherization Campaign in collaboration with Vital Communities, a non-profit group devoted to promoting sustainability in communities. This campaign is soon coming to a close with a March 31 deadline for … Continued

Nitka’s notes from the State House on March 15

Dear Editor, Some weeks ago, it felt like spring. The flowerbeds in front of the State House were exposed and the snow that covers the tunnel crossing the front lawn had melted. We all knew it was too early, and … Continued

Thank you to Rockingham voters

Dear Editor, I would like to thank all voters who came out to express their confidence in my abilities as a select board member. I look forward to serving with the other board members. It is important that we all … Continued

What does the Chamber of Commerce do?

Dear Editor, There are, in fact, a lot of misconceptions about the Chamber. For example, there are those who believe the Chamber gathers statistics, prints nice brochures, visits new businesses, answers inquiries, and advertises what a great place the area … Continued

In Response to Dick McCormack’s Letter

Dear Editor, Mr. McCormack, your ignorance of the Constitutions and of the founders’ intentions astounds me, mostly after you have claim to teach the Constitution. Your authority in representing your constituents does not come from your emotions. This authority is … Continued

A letter to all the voters of Springfield

Dear Editor, I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the voters for coming to the polls Tuesday and taking part in the process. I also thank everyone for their support. Exciting things are happening; and I look forward to … Continued

RE: Something to write home about.

Dear Editor, Senator McCormack has taken the time to reply to his constituents and to me personally, for that, I applaud him. As far as our Windsor County State Senators go, he’s the only one. I understand that after the … Continued

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