Key estate planning documents you need

REGION – There are five estate planning documents you may need, regardless of your age, health, or wealth: durable power of attorney, advance medical directives, will, letter of instruction, and living trust. The last document, a living trust, isn’t always … Continued

Business Spotlight: Tyson Autoworks & Green Mountain Carbine


Tyson Autoworks & Green Mountain Carbine 21 Tatro Road, Ludlow, Vt. 802-228-4061 Facebook @Green Mountain Carbine Mark Savery, owner of Tyson Autoworks and Green Mountain Carbine, opened his auto repair shop in 2007. Savery has been in the … Continued

How can you meet your short-term goals?


REGION – Why do you invest? If you’re like most people, you’d probably say that, among other things, you want to retire comfortably. Obviously, that’s a worthy long-term goal, requiring long-term investing. But as you journey through life, you’ll also … Continued

Business Spotlight: Black Rock Steakhouse

Black Rock Steakhouse 284 River St. Springfield 802-885-2200 Black Rock Steakhouse, located at 284 River St. in Springfield, is a traditional steakhouse with a sizzling twist. Their lunch and dinner menus feature many classic dishes that you can cook … Continued

What Women Should Know When Starting a Business


REGION – According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are 9.4 million women-owned businesses, employing nearly 8 million people and generating $1.5 trillion in sales in 2015.1 Many of these businesses started small, begun by women seeking … Continued

Business Spotlight: Log Cabin Quilting


Log Cabin Quilting 35 Dell Road, Springfield, Vt. 802-885-1722   Try and spot Log Cabin Quilting on quiet Dell Road in Springfield, and its pretty impossible. The handsome gray cape does have a separate side entrance for this small … Continued

Strategies for your investment “garden”


REGION – If you’re a gardener, your busy season is at hand, as April has been designated National Garden Month. But could the skills you deploy at gardening be transferred to other areas of your life, such as investing? Here … Continued

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