Tai Chi in Cavendish

CAVENDISH, Vt. – A new Tai chi class is starting this month on Thursdays, from 7 to 8 p.m. at DG Bodyworks (7 Depot Street, Proctorsville). Classes will be held weekly and taught by Djemila Cavanaugh of Long River Tai Chi Circle. Registration is open through Sept. 28. Students will learn Professor Cheng Man-ching’s “simplified” Yang-style Tai chi form.

Tai chi chuan is a gentle exercise that can be done by all. It is a soft-style martial art, a meditative and health practice.

What can Tai chi do for you?

  • It allows you to have a low impact activity, adjusted to your own physical condition.
  • It improves alignment, balance and prevent or relieve postural pains.
  • It helps to quiet down and reduce stress.
  • It strengthens legs and core muscles and is also a good cardio exercise.

    tai chi
    Djemila Lekouara holding the tai chi posture, single whip. Photo by Patrick Cavanaugh
  • It cultivates awareness and improves focus.
  • It nurtures confidence and peaceful interactions.

… and it’s fun!

Long River Tai Chi Circle is the school of Wolfe Lowenthal, direct student of Professor Cheng Man-ching and author of three classic works on Tai chi chuan. Djemila Cavanaugh is a long time student in the Cheng Man-ching tradition and teaches in Vermont and New Hampshire. Passionate about sharing this art, she quickly became a teaching assistant, then a teacher in France before moving to Vermont, where she has been studying closely with Wolfe Lowenthal.

Djemila says, “I am so grateful that Denise Gebroe invited me to teach Tai chi at DG Bodyworks. Since February, I have had the pleasure to work with her and a fun and committed group of participants. The community has been very welcoming too and gave me the opportunity to share this practice with all the students of the Cavendish Town Elementary School during the health fair. The children – from kindergarten through sixth grade – were impressively receptive, like the adults who have been coming to the weekly classes or taking private lessons. It’s lovely to see that Tai chi can gather community members from all generations. Starting a new class in such a heartening environment is very exciting.”

To learn more about the classes, please contact Djemila at 802-490-0225, by email djem.translator@gmail.com or check for updates on FaceBook: Djem’s Tai Chi classes: https://www.facebook.com/gemstaichi/.

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