Businesses in Greater Falls area pass compliance checks

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt – Ten local businesses in the Greater Falls area have passed their Department of Liquor Control (DLC) compliance checks in 2017. During the DLC compliance checks, investigators conduct retail inspections to prevent the sale and distribution of alcohol and tobacco products to underage minors.

The businesses that passed the check earlier this year are: Lazo’s Pizza Palace, PK’s Public House, Allen Brothers, Circle K Westminster, James Petro, Jiffy Mart, Bellows Falls Rite Aid, Sandri #210, Wellfleet (Saxtons River), and B-A-R-T Energy.

These businesses have used a number of techniques to follow through on the responsibilities associated with having an alcohol or tobacco license, including training for their management and staff members. Compliance checks have been shown to be an effective strategy at preventing underage access to tobacco and alcohol. Businesses looking for support can contact Greater Falls Connections at 802-463-9927. Greater Falls Connections is located at Parks Place and promotes wellness in the community through the prevention of the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

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