The Wizard of Oz comes to Chester

CHESTER, Vt. – The Wizard of Oz performances are Thursday, March 30, and Friday, March 31 at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday April 1 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Tickets are either per person, students and seniors or a set price for a family. Performances are in the auditorium at Green Mountain Union High School, located at 716 Vt. Route 103S, Chester, Vt. For more information call the school at 802-875-2146.

The Wizard of Oz story is by Frank Baum, Music and Lyrics by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg

The classic story is about a young girl growing up in Kansas who goes searching her hearts desire. Because of an unexpected tornado her house lands in the beautiful Land of Oz and she goes on an exciting journey with various friends. Look out though because along the way a Wicked Old Witch makes an appearance. She even flies!

Directors are Christine Saul and Cynthia Austin. Choreography is by Ashley Hensel-Browning.

The Wizard of Oz
All the beloved characters of The Wizard of Oz will be performing in Chester. Photo provided


Kimbal Shultz is playing Dorothy, Scarecrow by Ben Haseltine, Tinman by Alex Beshay and the cowardly Lion is by Tuck Wunderle. Glinda, the good witch is by Julia Howard and Clara Martorano performs the Wicked Witch, Professor/Oz is Cheyenne Williams, Aunt Em is Sierra Kehoe, Uncle Henry/Oz guard is Brianna Luman. Nikko (Commander of the Winkies) is Royce Schultz and the Winkie General is Anna Church.

Crow Singers are Rosie Saccardo, Olivia Wright, Sarah Devereaux, Anika Reitmeyer-Lankone. The Tree Singers are Rosie Saccardo, Sarah Devereaux, Olivia Wright, Anika Reitmeyer-Lankone, Cheyenne Williams, Ozzie Jewett, Julia Howard.

Winkies are Ozzie Jewett, Camille Rivet, Anna Church, Caroline Donovan-Atwood, Deirde Moore, Rosie Saccardo, Anika Reitmeyer-Lankone, Artem Sheutsov. Monkeys are Royce Schultz, Olivia Wright, Pearl Myers.

Munchkins: the Mayor by Anna Church, the Coroner by Royce Schultz, Barrister is Deidre Moore, Fiddler by Lily Jones, Braggart is by Caroline Donovan-Atwood, Teachers are Caroline Donovan-Atwood, and Narelle Saylor, Lullaby League is Pearl Myers, Zoe Meyers, and Sarah Devereaux. The Lollipop Guild is Camille Rivet, Cheyenne Williams, and Erika Bonnett. Dance Troupe is Zoe Meyers, Emery Benoit, Narelle Saylor, Lily Jones, and Pearl Myer. Dance Captain is by Sierra Kehoe.

CAES Munchkins: Violet Haight, Brandon Bonnett, Lacey Heady, Sophia Cherubini, Hannah Rivet, Linsey Miles, Cheyenne Curley, Abigail Nickerson, Selena Hodgdon, Mikhayla Arace, Grace Wright, Brielle Heybyrne, Angelina Cole, Sally Chapman, Ava Anderson, Ceili Peay, Sydney Learned, and Lily Parent.

The Wizard of Oz
There will be a flying wicked witch at the performance! Photo provided

Pit Band: Marc Thomas and Clayton Thompson – Percussion, Scott Wunderle and Jim Chlebak –Trumpet, Grace Johnson- Baritone, Ange Wunderle- French Horn, Riley Thomas – Tuba, Chris Goding-Trombone, Cindi Austin- Piano, Meekah Hance and Olivia- Violin, Anna Solzhenitsyn and Jyoti Knisely-Flute, Noelle Gignoux and Katie Herrle and Isabelle Cameron – Clarinet, Saxophone.

Technical Crew: Stage Manager- Michael Randzio. Chad Carey, Miles Garvin, Jordan Harper, Jaden Holden, Chrystal Longe, Charlie Macko, Kylie Moses, Johannah Parker, Abby Williams, Cailyn Williams, Madison Williams, Jenner Haseltine

Special thank you: Kristine LeFevre-Costumes, Fritz Wendlandt- Set construction, Christine Saul’s Behind the Scenes class-Set construction, Josey Schultz- Set construction, Ozzie Jewett- Poster, and Marquee, Amy Jones- Art work, Amy Jone’s Art classes, Diane Whittaker-Technical Support, Christa Valente-Programs, Mary Ellen Haseltine, Angela Luman – Concession, The Jackson Lloyd Drama Fund for their past contributions, The Rotary Club for financial support, Taylor Lefevre, Heidi Skinner- Makeup, Kat Myer- Hair and Mr. Ference- our Principal for all his continued support of the arts in our school.

The Wizard of Oz
Cast rehearsing and stage construction putting on the finishing touches. Photo provided

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