OLLI program: Rethinking the Role of Psychiatric Drugs

OLLI-Osher Lifelong Learning

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Dr. Sandra Steingard, will present the next OLLI-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute program, “Slow Psychiatry: Rethinking the Role of Psychiatric Drugs,” on Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 2 p.m. at the Nolin Murray Center next to St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Pleasant St. in Springfield, Vt.

Steingard, the chief medical officer at the Howard Center in Burlington, will examine alternative ways of treating schizophrenia and bipolar disorder rather than using drugs to target these specific conditions. She’ll discuss need-adapted approaches, a treatment option that allows time for the complex discussions required to understand and help people experiencing the problems that are labeled as psychiatric illness.

The following OLLI program will be on Wednesday, March 22. This is a change from the previously published date. Jim Douglas, former Vermont governor, will present a program around his book, “The Vermont Way: A Republican Governor Leads America’s Most Liberal State.” He will discuss his experiences working across the political aisle and how our nation is currently confronting a decline in civil discourse due to a rise in political polarization.

Another important change in the schedule is that the music program on March 28 will feature Tim Brookes, presenting “How the Guitar Conquered America.”

Brochures have been distributed throughout the area towns at businesses, the local libraries, town halls and Chamber of Commerce offices. The complete Springfield and state-wide program list is available on the internet at www.learn.uvm.edu/olli. Choose State-wide Programs from the menu, and then scroll to Springfield.

OLLI-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, affiliated with the University of Vermont, is a local membership program geared towards seniors 50 years and older who want to engage in meaningful learning, “just for the fun of it!” The OLLI series programs are selected with input from the local members and carry varied themes from semester to semester, including history, art, music, literature, health, nature, science and current events. Membership includes nine programs. The programs are open to the public. Non-members are encouraged and welcome to attend individual lectures for a single program fee. Memberships, as well as single program fees, may be paid at the program.

Programs are held at 2 p.m. on Tuesday afternoons and last about an hour and a half. Weather related changes can be found on the OLLI website and by viewing SAPA TV on Comcast and VTel.

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