Give Bundles of love this holiday season

Holly wishes everyone a happy holiday season! Photo provided.

CHESTER, Vt. – For November and December, Bonnie’s Bundles Dolls has exhibited at the Whiting Library in Chester. The show features a nearly 50 years timeline that tells the story of cloth doll artist, Bonnie Watters. Watters has sold nearly 15,000 dolls in 49 years. The Watters are grateful to the library for everything, but especially for the opportunity to make and embroider doll faces with children in the afterschool program.

Bonnie and Lew will be offering ten percent off on any purchases of dolls, from the ones at the exhibit to the ones at her Stone Village gallery, through Dec. 31. This gift will be given back to the Whiting Library.

Holly and her sisters wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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