Breath of the heart workshop

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Immanuel Retreat Center presents Breath of the Heart, a workshop on Somatic Breath Practice led by Kaiilama Morris, 9:30 a.m. until noon on Saturday, April 22. The workshop takes place at Currier Hall, 12 Church St.

Somatic Breath Therapy is a conscious intentional tool that assists the body to return to an open healthy breath. Through gentle “coaching” the body and mind to learn to relax into a connected full belly breath allowing the healing of the breath system and all the “bodies” to unfold. Each person’s experience and journey of this unfolding is unique and individual. The body, through the breath, knows the way to wellness. Trusting the breath to lead the way is a key to allowing the pathway to each level of freedom in the body, mind and emotions.

Kaiilama Morris will be teaching the breathing workshop. Photo provided

Restricted breathing often comes from stuffing our feelings. By holding our breath we deactivate emotions. This subconscious behavior requires a tremendous amount of energy and creates chronic tension in our bodies. These repressed feelings affect our behavior unconsciously often in limiting and self-sabotaging ways. Conscious connected breathing integrates the wounded aspects of self into one functioning whole. It produces an entrainment effect in the electromagnetic field which allows dense, lower vibrational patterns to be transformed into a higher vibrational energy. Through this process, trauma is cleared. Old patterns are restructured and the true inner nature reveals itself. Additionally, over time Somatic Breath Therapy changes neurobiology by allowing our memories/traumas/experiences to become fully “integrated” instead of just feelings/emotions/reactions with no words or understanding.

Morris studied with Judy Kravitz of the Transformational Breath Foundation and then completed her training with the Power of Breath Institute to become a Certified Somatic Breath Therapist Presently, over the past fifteen years she has facilitated individuals, groups and trainings.

Morris has a genuine intuitive gift sprinkled with experience, compassion and deep inner knowing. She consistently champions joy, overall well-being and true happiness. Her passion in life is to assist others in finding their way home to a deeper connection and a relaxed freedom of truly loving themselves and life!

Please register in advance at or by calling 802-460-0110.

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